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Vanguard 5000


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Upscale and aesthetic design - multiple covering applications
for more outdoor uses as playground and enjoyable sitting area
Engineered to meet snow and wind loads in most areas when
properly assembled and anchored
Requires only solid surface, no foundation fixing needed
Easy assembly by 2 persons, no special tools required -
hardware included
Compact and efficient package to fit store stock item and home delivery programs
Easy to carry and handling, free from forklift or other unloading capability
Included two gutters and water collector
Can be relocated

Heavy duty aluminum frame and laser cut steel support bars
80'x80' cm tough aluminum pillars for long lasting durability
No maintanance - free from termites, rot and rust

Advanced engineered, durable, high quality and UV protected
polycarbonate panel
Semi traslucent solar panel to provide 100% UV direct sunlight screening and shade effect
Smart roofing panel system to slide and lock for quick installation - no climbing needed

Vanguard 5000 White


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